5 Modern Upgrades to Help Sell Your Luxury Home

The associates at Salt Lake City’s City Home Collective have years of combined experience helping people find and purchase luxury homes that meet very demanding standards. Over the years they have learned a thing or two about what helps a luxury home sell. They’ve also discovered that buyer tastes are changing. What would have been attractive just 10 years ago is no longer a high priority to modern buyers.

Technology has transformed our world into one where people expect individuality and customization in nearly every aspect of life. That even plays into home buying. Younger luxury home buyers want those homes to come already appointed with certain things that speak to them. As such, sellers of older homes are turning to upgrades to get their properties sold.

For purposes of illustration, here are five modern upgrades that can help sell a luxury home faster and for more money:

1. Smart Technology

Many of us were dreaming of smart homes at the turn of the 21st century. Some 18 years later we are now just beginning to see what we imagined come to fruition. It turns out that luxury home buyers are leading the charge in turning traditional homes into smart homes. So upgrading a property to include smart features is a – smart idea.

Today’s smart home offers technologies for controlling thermostats, automating window shades, controlling ambient music throughout the home, controlling home entertainment systems, and even operating security systems. Smart homes include things like electronic door locks and video doorbells.

2. Stone Countertops

The days of laminate countertops are long gone. Today’s luxury home buyers want stone. Granite and marble are on the table, so to speak, but quartzite seems to be a hot commodity as well. Quartzite countertops are stronger than granite and easier to maintain than marble. They also tend to sport lighter colors and be more resistant to stains.

3. Adjustable Glass Walls

Glass is a big hit with modern home buyers whether they live in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, or Charlotte. A house with interior glass walls is going to garner a lot more attention than one without. Even more attractive are adjustable glass walls. They can be expanded and retracted to customize interior spaces as needed. Adjustable glass walls promote the free flow of light while also providing plenty flexibility.

4. Large Garage Spaces

One of the more expensive upgrades that sellers can make is increasing garage space. Modern buyers of luxury homes are looking for three and four car garages capable of housing all their vehicles along with a complete collection of toys. The bigger the garage, the more available space. The only downside to this upgrade is that increasing garage space decreases the amount of usable exterior space.

5. Light, Neutral Colors

On the opposite end of the financial scale, one of the most affordable upgrades to any luxury home is a fresh coat of paint. Today’s buyers prefer light, neutral colors that are easily enhanced by furnishings, décor, artwork, and window dressings.

According to Think Realty magazine, gray ranks number one as the favored bathroom color in America. Off whites, pale greens, and earth tones are also big right now. So don’t even think about selling your luxury home right now if its color scheme is more in line with the 1980s or 90s. You will not get very far.

Luxury homes might be harder to sell in a modern market in which people are not afraid to build. But with the right upgrades and a reasonable selling price, you can move your luxury home.

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