Building A Property On The Beautiful Island Of Phuket

Many people who visit Phuket dream of living there, and it can be a reality if you have the money to do so. If you want to build property to have your dream home, there are various factors you will need to consider, and plenty of research is required. Before you start looking for land for sale in Phuket, you will need to look at the legalities of foreigners owning property in Thailand, which can be complicated. Below are some tips to help you get started and some of the factors you will need to consider when building a home in sunny Phuket.

Consult A Reputable Lawyer

Owning property in Thailand is complicated if you are a foreigner, and if you are married to a Thai, the process can be much more straightforward. You will need to speak to a reputable lawyer about your intentions and see what they can suggest that can help you achieve your dreams. There is plenty written about the subject online, but many people have differing opinions, so speak to a lawyer and use their experience.

Find A Suitable Location

The next step is to find the perfect place to build, and as Phuket is an island, space is limited and at a premium. It is often much cheaper to purchase property inland and away from the shore, so this may be an option you want to look at to save some money. There is always land for sale in Phuket, and there are some excellent lots available if you search hard enough. Once you have found the ideal place to build, you need to start designing your new home.

Find A Reliable Architect

Next, you will need to find a suitable architect to help design your home, and there are plenty of these throughout Thailand. You do not need to use a Phuket based one, and you can use the services of an architectural design company anywhere in Thailand to design your new home. However, using a local company will mean they have contacts that can help you find a reputable builder, making the job much more manageable.

Finding The Best Builder In Phuket

You will then need to find a suitable builder in Phuket to build your property, and it is vital you can communicate clearly with them. If they do not speak English and you do not speak Thai, find someone who can translate for you to help ensure you get your dream home. The next thing is to let them get on with it and ensure you are patient, as nothing happens quickly in Thailand, and you will not want to rush building your dream home. Before you know it, you will be moving in and ready to start your new life living in your dream property in Phuket.