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English camps

Children’s language camps in England for children and teenagers are very popular. As a rule, the programs are round the clock, i.e. the child is at school/on campus 24/7. By taking part in this program your child will gain a lot of knowledge and new impressions: he or she will immerse in the British language environment, get acquainted with the cultural life of England and in a short time will improve their English with its correct classic sound. Here he will meet many new friends, and communication with them will certainly continue after that, which will give him the opportunity to correspond in English, and this means that he will get motivation for further study of the language.

The main objectives of the children’s language camp in England are:

  • To learn English in an international friendly environment;
  • To master classical English with its British phonetics through immersion in local cultural life;
  • Participate in extracurricular activities and camp sports: games, sports, excursions;
  • Make a lot of new friends, learn to live in a community and develop the ability to communicate in a social group;
  • Spend an unforgettable vacation.

There are also camps that offer a day form of education, such as the LAL. This is especially true when the child goes to England with his parents. It is also possible to find something suitable for parents, such programs are called family programs. Parents and child can study English in the same language center and live together. Such a program, for example, can be taken at the Kings Summer Moreton Hall.

Camps for high school students also differ in the location of programs:

  • private schools and colleges ;
  • university-based
  • at your own language center


Language camps in England have a variety of options for student accommodation. Everyone can choose something to their liking. Accommodation is available with British host families, in university residences or on campus.

The classic option is living with a host family. This is a great way to get to know the culture and traditions of Britain, practice your English and enjoy a warm family environment. Students normally stay in twin rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Some schools offer single rooms. Meals – full board, breakfast and dinner are served in the family, but the children have lunch either in the campus cafeteria or a packed lunch to take away (eg Sprachcaffe Language Camp). Sometimes the family allows the use of the kitchen and refrigerator.

When choosing this option you should be aware that families rarely live close to the school, especially in big cities like London, Birmingham or Manchester. Therefore, to get to school you need to save at least 30-45 minutes on foot or by public transport.

Accommodation in the student residence – an ideal option for those who like to be in the thick of the events, or who value comfort and safety in one area. Programs include either a university residence or a language center campus, usually at a boarding school or college. The child will always be surrounded by his peers, will not miss any of the fun and interesting events of camp life, will always be under the close attention of teachers and tutors, as they live close by. Distance to the center, where classes are held, is minimal. Everything is on one territory, it’s very convenient. Meals are provided in the student cafeteria on campus. Rooms are designed for several students (2,4,6) with a common bathroom and toilet, but there are also single rooms with all amenities. For example, such exclusive facilities are offered at OISE Newbury, Embassy Summer Docklands, University of East London, European Center (EC) in London, European Center (EC) in Brighton, Kings Summer South Bank.

The only disadvantage of this accommodation is the price. The cost of living in a residence will always be more expensive.

Extracurricular activities and excursions

For participants in the language vacation programs, schools and language centers organize exciting and enjoyable extracurricular activities. They include sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, swimming, horseback riding, etc.), creative workshops and master classes (t-shirt design, drama, dance, vocal, music, etc.), contests and games, theme parties, discos and much more. Each school offers its own unique program. In some camps extra classes are optional, in others you can take lessons in your chosen area and deal with them professionally. For example, in the school Millfield represents a huge number of academies – the academy of soccer, the academy of tennis, music, etc. A student can, in addition to lessons in English, receive quality education at one of the academies of the school. The same applies to Whitgift Summer School, where the price of the program includes classes in the chosen academy (golf, riding, music, etc.).

The cost of programs

Studying and living in Britain is not a cheap pleasure. However it is conditioned first of all by the high level of educational programs, effective education, professionalism of the staff (teachers and tutors), availability of the great number of extracurricular activities (sports or creative work), rich excursion program and comfortable living conditions.

The cost of the day program includes accommodation of the chosen type, full board, English courses (20, 25, 30 lessons to choose from) and entertainment program: children go on excursions, take an active part in sports competitions, develop their dancing, creative and team qualities.

The day program does not include housing and weekend excursions. Only lunch is provided.

Prices depend on the chosen program, type of accommodation, arrival dates and number of weeks.