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Factors To Consider When Looking For A Family-Friendly Condo To Rent In Bangkok

Many options are available when you are looking for a condo to rent in Bangkok for you and your family, with tens of thousands of empty units throughout the city. You will need to consider many factors to help you find a suitable condo to rent, and you will want to take your time before selecting which one you prefer. Below are some factors you will need to consider that can help ensure you make an excellent choice and choose a condo for rent suitable for all the family.

Find Somewhere Close To School

You will want to find a suitable condo that is not too far from where your children go to school to help reduce their daily commute. Use your preferred search engine and type in “apartment for rent near Shrewsbury International School” or whichever school they attend and look at the results that appear to find something close and suitable. If you struggle to find something you like close to the school, you can always select somewhere close to a BTS or MRT station that will help make the daily commute much more manageable.

Consider The Amenities You Require

You will also need to think about what amenities the condo building must have to make your life more comfortable. You will need to make a list of everything you want and then prioritise what is on the list. There will be things that you would like but are not essential, and then there are things you cannot do without in your life. You will need to think about various things, such as:

  • Number Of Bedrooms
  • Large Balcony
  • 24-Hour Security
  • Swimming Pool
  • Secure Parking
  • Hair Salon
  • Restaurant
  • Convenience Store
  • Gardens & Play Area
  • Transport Links

You can go through all the condos you find for rent and see how many amenities they have you want and assign each a score. The unit with the highest score should be the most suitable one, but you may want to get some help if you are still struggling.

Use A Property Agent

You can also consider using a property agent to help you with your search, and the best part is it is free. You tell the agent the area you want to live in and everything the condo needs to have, and they can show you everything available. If they do not have anything on their books, they will speak to everyone they know to try and find you the perfect family apartment for you. When they locate the ideal unit for you and rent it, the property owner will pay the agent a commission, which will leave all parties happy and smiling.