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Importing Cars from the United States to Canada

If you have thought about moving from the United States and Canada then it is quite likely that you have considered the complex process of importing your belongings across the border.  Unfortunately, the border between the United States and Canada is not like the border between Texas and Arizona:  these are two different countries and transporting your personal belongings between them can be a little complicated.

Fortunately, Canada and the United States have a healthy relationship, so this process does not have to be difficult. In many cases it is very easy to transport your belongings across the border with very little incident. Most of the time you can simply drive a moving truck or a larger moving van across the US-Canada border and the customs agent will quickly understand your process, stamp your paperwork, and let you on your way.  You may not even need a professional moving company.

But if you have moved or currently live in Canada and need to transport something like your vehicle from the United States, that’s when a professional import service might come in handy.

A quality car importing Canada service should include:

  • Submission to Automotive Export Control (with 72-hours notice)
  • Preparation of customs releases
  • Remittance of duties and taxes to Canadian customs
  • an agent on site at the time of border crossing
  • efficient coordination of border crossing
  • complete customs accounting documentatoin
  • AES/ITN Number

Border crossing doesn’t have to be difficult and the same should be said about moving your personal belongings from the United States to Canada. After all, the two countries share similar laws and lifestyles. Of course, in a constantly changing world and a global economy in flux there are many things to remember when traveling between—and relocating—to different countries.  Moving from one city to another is enough of a headache, let alone a new state.  Relocating to a new country is another thing entirely.  Taking the guess work out of border crossing (and importing regulation) by having someone do it for will make this entire process a whole lot easier.