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Insuring Your Pet for His or Her Continued Good Health and Happiness

Whether you just introduced your first pet to the family or have had animals in your home for decades, it is important that you protect them in any way that you can. One of your best allies is often your dog or cat and he or she provides important comfort during difficult times in your life. Getting laid off from work, losing a romantic partner, or learning about a serious health issue can all seem a little less terrible with little more than a happy wag of a tail or purr. That said, your pet is sometimes in need of your help, too, and he or she does not have the voice to tell you about his or her troubles.

Many people scrutinise pet food labels; choose only the highest-quality pet beds, collars and toys; and keep them well-spoiled with expensive treats. However, some pet owners fail to consider the fact that dogs and cats can fall victim to many of the same illness they can. For example, a dog can become diabetic, a cat can develop FIV, and all animals can develop cancer at any point in their lifetime. For this reason, it is just as important to pay close attention to their health as it is to their diet and toys.

Why Pet Insurance

Pet insurance, such as Poodle pet insurance, will cover up to 80% of the bill when your pet needs to visit the vet. Similar to health insurance offered in North America, this covers medication, veterinary examinations, surgeries, and more. Considering the fact that treatment bills can total in the thousands, this coverage is crucial. However, you might be surprised to learn that only 4% of dog owners and 1% of cat owners take out insurance on their pets. The concept of spending a little now to save thousands later is something that some people do not even know about in regard to their pets but it can make a huge difference.



Cats are curious by nature and that can often lead to quite a few self-made issues. For example, a cat will compulsively eat any thread or string left around the house, which can block his or her intestines and interrupt several functions of his or her body. In most cases, the only way to remove this is through surgical means, and that is never inexpensive. If you chose not to get pet insurance, you may be forced to choose between what is best for your cat and what you can afford, which is not always the same solution. Pet insurance, on the other hand, will cover more than half of the bill, allowing you to make the best possible choice without the burden of the financial aspect.

Choose Your Veterinarian

With pet insurance, you can bring your pet to whomever you trust to give him or her excellent care. After treatment or examination, simply provide your insurance provider with the bill for reimbursement of qualified expenses. After all is said and done, you should be able to keep your pet healthy and happy for years to come and there is no age limit to when you can get a policy.