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Question To Be Asked Before You Hire A Public Adjustor

Have you suffered from an accident or a loss of property? You need help in filing insurance? Filing claims is a magnificent task that if done with compassion and precision can lead to maximum settlement of the damages. But when it comes to filing claims, people are often confused. There are several questions which wander an individual’s mind. Asking the right questions though is very important. Let us analyze the questions one should ask before hiring any public adjustor.

  • Whom should I hire, a public adjustor or an attorney?

Every insurance dispute has a scope that needs to be valued properly. The attorney generally would hire a public adjustor for this purpose, as they form the first line of defense in the insurance settlement cases. According to reports, less than 2% of the cases require an attorney. Attorney is expensive too. If one needs legal representation, then that is the only case one should hire an attorney.

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  • Whom does the Public adjustor represent?

Many people think that Public adjustors represent the insurance company. But the truth is that they are there to serve the purpose of insuring public only.

  • Is there any difference between insurance adjustor and a public adjustor?

Yes, the insurance adjustor is hired by an insurance company, whereas a public adjustor is hired by the insuring public. Both serve very different interests, and therefore are different.

  • What is the payment method public adjustors follow?

They generally will keep a small percentage of the claim, and this is also known as the contingency method of payment.

payment method public adjuster

  • My claim is settled, but there are still some other costs involved. What should I do now?

As long as you have not signed the final release, the claim file can be reopened for any purpose. It would require you to submit the proof of loss and other expenses incurred by you. The best possible way to go ahead with it is to hire a public adjustor.

  • I received a check from my insurance company, but I think that it is undervalued. What should I do?

In this case the best thing is to do nothing and hire a solicitor. These cases should be handled by a public adjustor or the attorney. They will fully value the scope of the claim and then suggest you suitable methods to go ahead with.

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  • I have already cashed my checks? Am I out of options?

There are many factors encompassing an insurance claim. If you have already cashed the check, then the file can still be reopened. This requires an evaluation from an experienced adjustor.

Public adjustors should always work tirelessly towards the satisfaction of their clients. provides you with experienced adjustors whose motto is not only to help clients with their claims, but to do so with utmost compassion and thorough evaluation, so as to the client can recover maximum of his damages. It’s always wise to hire someone who knows the job better than others and they are just a call away.