Review of Global Markets

Everyone is looking for new ways to make more money. Among the most effective ones is trading. The only drawback is that it can be very unpredictable if you don’t have deep knowledge about it. So, if you are thinking of getting involved in the trading business, you would want to know about everything about it. Global markets trading platform provides expert advices on your investments and guide you through each transaction before you finalize it. It works through an innovative technology which is easily accessible by the users. The Global Markets specializes in providing help in trading in forex, CFDs, shares and many more.

Global Markets is legit

The terms of the agreement between the company-client in Global Markets is concerned with the trust   between the company and the client. They have several legal policies such as KYC policy, Refund policy, anti-money laundering policy and other privacy conditions that ensure the authenticity of the company. This proves that the Global Markets is legit. The company also has proper laws for trading in Foreign Exchange.  A more detailed information on this include-

Terms and conditions- These include some rules that have to be followed by both, the client and the company; among them are making a trading account with valid details of a user for transactions and refunds, general bonus policy to the user, fees and charges of the company, social trading, privacy protection. There are also certain trading terms that need to be followed to exchange currencies of different rates. These terms are to be followed by the clients or he/she may have to suffer severe consequences.

Privacy policy – The company will need personal information of the client for trading account, communicate with the clients, and providing all the new information about the upcoming events and services. The information may include name, occupation, various legal and official documents, income statements, bank details and others for verifying the originality of the client. It is strictly prohibited by the company to use this crucial information of the client with any third party.

KYC policy- Global Markets is highly discreet and secured company. To verify the information provided by the clients, they ask for certain documents. This includes address proof, payment proof, id proof and declaration of deposit form.

Anti-money laundering policy- Money laundering or concealing or the origin of money is strongly opposed by the service provider. Even if it takes places inside their company, they take serious legal actions to undo it or solve it quickly with their advanced security technologies. They even have international provisions for overseas trading.

Refund policy- The refund policy is strict but easy. The refund is made within 7 working days of the company after it has been requested. Any commission taken by the company will be refunded. The refund request is compulsory to be made through the official website of the company only; and it should be valid according to the company’s policies.

A flexible trading platform

First of all, Global Markets is accessible from many parts of the world. This is the most important feature of this company. It is open to all. They provide an environment for their clients to make valuable decisions about their funds and investments. Their Foreign Exchange Policy provides products and services of best quality.

The Global Markets aim to eliminate all the obstacles from the global market that would stop anyone to make their move towards trading business. Their services and policies may be flexible but they are quite strict when it comes to any fraud. They give their best to provide you with sufficient tools and techniques to help in your financial growth.

Tools used by Global Markets

The two major tools used for trading here are Pip calculator and the Fibonacci sequence. It is a vital tool for any trader and quite simple to use. It gives accurate results by managing your risks. Another one is the Fibonacci sequence. It is said to work best when the Forex is trending.

Trading platforms

Global markets has a trading platform called Sirix. It is a Forex based platform, user-friendly and simple to use. It has multiple indicators to calculate graphs, trends and charts. Sirix can be accessed through mobile, web or tablet. Sirix mobile is for people who need everything within their immediate reach. Mobiles are always there in your hands and you can use it to view the trends of the trade market. Sirix web comes with the in-built tools like indicators, calculators, oscillators and calendars. It supports many browsers and does not need to be installed due to its intuitive interface. The Sirix station is the most efficient one with one-click transaction feature. It gives quick access from any device and also contains analytical tools.

Why Global markets?

You would still want to know why would you partner with the Global markets. Apart from being the most trustworthy company in the trade market, the company has reliability and integrity which it does not compromise on. The high-profile customer service is without a doubt among the best in the market. The huge numbers of financial instruments give you endless options for trading. The agents or brokers are filled with knowledge about their market which they use to help the clients achieve their financial goals.

Other features include-

Transparent environment – All the transactions carried out in and out of the company are accurate and legit. They don’t invite/allow any discrepancies. They don’t take any fees apart from their commission.

Professional assistance – All the new information and upgrades is conveyed to the client automatically. The brokers and agents are available 24 hours for 5 days for you. They guide and work with you to reach the desirable goals.

Education and technology – With the large availability of study materials, you would learn about trading and how it works- theoretically and practically. They would be available online where you can easily access them.

Leveraged trading – The user-friendly technology keeps increasing the return on investment with leverage till 1200. It is suitable for both, experienced traders as well as the beginners.