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Save Yourself from Financial Shock

Do you have a bad habit of tabling a budget and then finding you can’t follow it? You wouldn’t be alone. All too often, carefully crafted financial plans are destroyed by bills, repairs, and charges that seemingly come out of nowhere. The impact of unexpected and costly charges on your balance sheet can be felt for weeks — even months — afterwards, as you struggle to cover these new expenses. Without substantial savings set aside, you may not have the means to pay for them at all. Due dates pass and the amount you owe balloons as late fees and additional interest start to pile up.

Not paying on time makes a bad financial situation worse. The longer you go without paying, the deeper you’ll fall into debt. You know that. Indeed, everyone knows that. But it’s one thing to understand in theory and another entirely different thing to prevent it in practice. If your paycheck is tied up paying off expected charges, you may be left reeling from the financial shock of the sudden addition of unavoidable car repairs, medical expenses, or schools fees for your child. With another week (or more) between now and your next paycheck, you simply don’t have the means to cover these unexpected charges on your own.

Luckily, you don’t have to face these financial difficulties on your own: an online payday loan direct lender is ready to help you face these challenges with confidence. With their help, you can lessen the impact financial shocks can have on your budget — and your future as a whole. They do this by providing essential small dollar loans that bridge the gap between your income and your expenses, giving you the cash you need to pay your bills on time.

Typically, these small dollar loans have short repayment terms, which is why they’re also known as short term loans within the lending community. You’ll be expected to repay this kind of loan in full by the date of your next paycheck, so it’s never meant to be a permanent solution to longstanding financial responsibilities. While many online direct lenders offer flexible loans (with slightly longer repayment terms) and lines of credit (with only minimum payments required) in addition to payday loans, all of their financial products are designed to cover immediate, non-recurring bills, services, and repairs.

If, rather than monthly rent or another ongoing financial responsibility, you need cash for one-time, surprise expenses, then a small dollar loan could be exactly what you need to lessen the effects of financial shock. You’ll be happy to learn that these financial products, when acquired through an online direct lender, are a convenient and quick source of cash. These lenders offer simple online applications, so you can request for financial assistance anywhere, at any time. As long as you can provide basic contact and financial information, you may begin your application. A loan specialist will contact you by phone when they need to verify the information you’ve supplied. Should everything check out, you’ll have your loan within the next business day of your approval.

When you’re working against the ticking of the clock, this streamlined process can help you avoid late penalties and interest rates on your bills. Avoid running out of time by searching out an online direct lender. You may not be able to escape unanticipated burdens on your budget altogether, but a small dollar loan is a perfect stopgap that lets you pay for these without experiencing financial shock.