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Top Tips to Make your Signage Stand Out

Getting your company name and logo seen by others can help significantly with the success of your business.  If you think of Times Square in New York, people pay a massive amount of cash to get their logo’s seen by the crowds passing by.  When you think of brand, you can immediately relate to their logo which is generally a reflection of their good marketing which would include signage.   Here are some points we think you should consider to make you signage stand out.


The signage design itself is really something to invest some time and money on to make sure that it’s understood by the audience you want it to appeal to and it stands out from the others.  There are many companies out there that will do the full design and manufacture of the product to suit your business needs (and also give you some guidance on what they think is best for you).  Depending on where you want your signage to be placed, think about your target audience and what message your sign is giving them.  It could be to advertise a specific product or promotion or just even to market your brand.


This sounds really simple, but a lot of people just don’t get this right.  A good way to make your sign stand out is to have some really extravagant colours.  Doing this would ensure it won’t be missed however make sure you do not compromise the message you are trying to give.  For example, if you are advertising a funeral parlour you may agree that a colour like pink isn’t appropriate for brand image.  As such, there is definitely a compromise to be struck between actually making sure everyone sees your sign and the messaging from the colour it is trying to deliver.


If you have the money – get it up on Times Square!  On a serious note, the location of your sign needs to be somewhere that is relevant to what it is trying to say and will be seen by others.  If it is for marketing purposes, you may want to consider signage in places where there are lots of people such as public transport, sporting venues or city centres.  A consideration may even be actually on the transport – for example on a car or van.  Sometimes placing signage in public areas can be very costly therefore make sure you take time out beforehand to make sure you will get this seen by your target audience.


Make sure you shop around!  There are many companies out there that do signage design and manufacture with large variation in prices.  We recommend you get quote from several companies but also check out any testimonials or reviews in respect to the company reputation including lead-time, quality and cost.  The internet is a very powerful source of information for these type of reviews left on companies so be sure to give them your due consideration.

Image: Pixabay