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Understanding The Most Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

Every time it rains, my roof starts leaking! If you are one of those people who say this statement, then there’s a bigger picture about it all, hidden from you. Roofing issues require investment of money and time. Understanding the various issues that lead to leakage from the roof thus becomes very important.

If you know the most common causes of roof leaks, then you can handle them well and save your hard earned money and precious time. Let us analyze these issues. These issues would help you irrespective of the age of your roof, so always keep them in mind.

  • Cracking in the flashings.

Thin straws of metal, installed on the joints or under the shingles are called flashings. They are required to resist the flow of water. They can get damaged and exposed, or they can be concealed. Corroding of tar used to cover flashing can lead to its exposure and leakage from the roof. Nail the flashings and apply a coating over it in order to repair this damage.

  • Broken shingles.

They break off due to bad weather. If there appears to be a mismatch in the color of your roof, then there can be a problem of broken shingles associated with it. One should match the color and size of the shingles and get it repaired by a trained personal.

Broken shingles Roof Leaks

  • Roof Materials.

Material of the roof plays the most important role in keeping it leak proof. In case you have selected a wrong material, then the whole material has to be replaced with a new one.

  • Windows or Sliding.

This comes as a shock to most users. The problem of leaks may not be your roof. If you have even a small crack/hole in your window or sliding, then water is bound to enter from there, and it may look like the leak is from the roof.

  • Improper installation of Skylights.

If you find the area around skylights constantly wet, then this is an obvious issue of improper installation. You should in that case seal the damaged area properly and install the lights again.

Improper installation of Skylights

  • An Ice-dam formation.

An ice dam formation at the edges of the roof keeps the melting snow from draining off. This causes a coagulation of water over the roof, hence leading to leakage from the roof. This can be visually checked and the ice dams can be shed away easily.

Wear and tear of the roof is unavoidable. It does not matter if your roof is old or new, the quality of roof will depreciate over time and that may lead to leaks from various places on the roof. Knowing the reasons helps you make informed choices and equips you to repair the roof. provides the best roofing service at very affordable rates. The well trained staff is very co-operative and offers best in class service. The materials used by them are of superior quality and used only after thorough inspection. They are always just a call away.