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Using Architecture to Create a First Impression in Retail


A standard layout of a retail unit could be quite boing and not have the effectiveness required in order to entice customers to your company.  More and more we are seeing companies thinking outside the box and spending some time and money on this in order to be a little more innovative and creative.  Consumers are not looking for bog standard anymore and they are looking for something that will impress them.  If you have money spent on the architecture of your retail unit, this will hopefully give the impression of quality and creativity with your customers

Using Architecture Specialists

Retail design by Found is something this company really specialises in and would be considered experts.  They will look to work with you to design and execute exactly what you are looking for at an effective price but also a high quality result.  Going on these sort of projects alone could have a really bad outcome therefore really do think hard about engaging the experts.  There are many things these experts will help with including:

  • 3D visualisation – once you have your image in your mind of what you are looking for, these experts will draw it up with all the appropriate dimensions and then will give you a 3D image of it.  This clearly helps significantly with your decision making on what more is needed to make this perfect for you.  It also gives you a better opportunity to consider the space required for this and allows chance for a change of scope before any work is actually initiated.
  • Planning permission – This can be a really touch one and will require good detail and potential influencing.  Once you have scoped the project out, this will require the permission of the local authorities.  In turn, they will also write to local residents to ensure they do nth ae objections to the work being completed.  A retail design firm can add this all as part of their service to ensure that all the appropriate approvals are given.  If you don’t get the appropriate approvals or if the information given to the local authorities is inaccurate, this can lead to legal action as such it’s important to get this element right.
  • Fixture Design – All the small details as to where any of your internal fixtures and fittings will be can be left to the experts.  These people will help keep you right on what the legal requirements are in respect to electricity sockets etc.  They will also help advise where these sockets etc can be.  As part of the drawings and layouts you receive from the company – this will be part of the package.

As a result, it takes a strong professional individual to go on a project like this alone and not engage experts.  There are so many risks involved with these type of activities – whether this be approvals, HSE, legal requirements etc.  If you decide to not engage experts, be sure to read up on all of these items beforehand.