What Can Online Business Proposal Solutions Do for your Business?

If your business involves bidding for contracts and presenting your proposal, then the latest generation of online business proposal applications is designed with you in mind. If you normally send a PowerPoint file to the client, it isn’t surprising you have a poor conversion rate, and when it comes to presenting your proposal, using a high-powered online platform with built in tools really empowers you as an organisation. Team collaboration is taken to a new level with 24/7 real time chat that includes video conferencing and the ability to edit and update key files keeps everyone on the same page.

Project the Right Image

One would expect an efficient company to put forward a well-designed and easy to follow proposal, and if yours is anything less, your chances of winning the contract have significantly dropped. Many companies who outsource large contracts are also looking for attention to detail, which includes professional presentations, and if you want to be sure to have that box checked, reap the rewards of using an online marketing proposal template. Sometimes, bids are very similar, and several of the applicants are more than qualified and have the necessary resources, yet if one sits above the others due to a slick proposal, that might be enough to win the bid.

Total Team Connectivity

There could be as many as a dozen key people who are tasked with putting together a bid proposal and if they are not all working in the same office, this makes communication all the more difficult. Using an online resource, every team member can be instantly notified whenever there is an edit to the main file and everyone has the ability to access the data at any time. Different authority levels allow you to be selective over who sees what, and with a smartphone, any authorised user has instant access and can communicate with all team members in real time.

Boost your Conversion Rate

With slick and professional looking business proposals, you can present your proposal in a dynamic way, making best use of high-quality graphics, video and websites. You might be the best candidate, but if your proposal is anything less than perfect, it could cost you dearly. Don’t take chances in the way you present your proposals and by using an affordable online platform, everyone can contribute. It doesn’t take much to tip the scales in your favour, and by ensuring that all your proposals are top notch, don’t be surprised to see an increase in conversion.

Simply put, you can wow your clients with eye catching presentations that are likely to win them over, and for an affordable cost. Allow users to collaborate in real time, thus ensuring that your team have all the necessary tools to create a stunning end product. If you would like to find out more about online business proposal templates, a Google search will take you to a market leader and the rest is easy.