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What Services Do Piling Contractors Offer?

The foundation of any building or house is crucial to the integrity of the building. If the foundation of a building is weak, the whole building is likely to collapse. The foundation of the building is laid down by separate contractors who specialise in providing underpinning and piling services. A piling contractor specialises in laying down the foundation of a residential or commercial property. The work varies depending on the size of the building. For instance, larger buildings require much stronger foundations compared to single-storey houses.

Piling contractors are generally hired by construction companies and private contractors for their services. Here are just some of the services that they offer.


Whether you are looking to extend your home, build a new home or construct a commercial building, you will need to hire the services of a contractor to lay down the foundation. The foundation will bear the load of the whole building. If the foundation is weakened, the building might start to sink into the ground. Cracks might begin to appear on the walls, and your door frames are unlikely to fit properly either. When you first contact a piling contractor, they will ask you for the specifications of the whole project. They will factor in the size of the building, the length, and the quality of the ground where the building will be constructed before giving you an estimate.

Many contractors also offer foundation repair work. If the foundation of your building has been weakened, you will need to contact a piling contractor for the job. The contractor will first seal the cracks in the foundation before adding more support and reinforcing the whole structure.

Applying for a Quote

If you are about to start construction on a new building, you will need to hire a piling contractor. Many contractors offer free estimates and quotes to their customers. You can easily find out the details of popular contractors within the city, and then apply for quotes. While searching for a new piling contractor, you should consider several important factors.

The first things that you should look at are the previous projects completed by the contractor. Most contractors will give you a list of all the projects they have worked on, so that you can take up references if needed as well.

Obviously, most construction companies are pressed for time, since they have to meet milestones or face the wrath of investors. While discussing the project, you should always ask the company to give you an estimated duration for the completion of the project. The construction of the whole building depends on the foundation. If the foundation isn’t laid down on time, the whole project will be delayed. Therefore, you should discuss all the minute details of the project with the piling contractor before signing the contract. Most contractors provide free estimates and will show you their past work, so that you can easily make a decision on whether to hire them for the job.