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Where to Live in London to Ditch the Commute


Is the commute really getting you down? All that wasted time, crowded trains, late trains, cancelled trains? The noise and smell of the crowded train and being jostled and hemmed in? Maybe you are thinking of moving closer to work and being able to cycle or get the bus or just a short tube hop to work. Have you thought about Fulham or the surrounding area as a place for your new home?


Fulham is a nice upmarket residential area of London, on the north side of the Thames, bordering Kensington and Chelsea and within a quick tube or bus journey or even bike ride from Waterloo, Westminster or the City. And of course, if you like football and support Fulham or Chelsea Clubs, you will be within walking distance of those. The area is smart and upbeat with good quality properties, so it is the ideal location to retain a good quality of life while cutting out the commute. If you want to know more, ere is a wise guide to Fulham from people who know the area:

Letting Agents in Fulham.

If you are looking for Letting Agents in Fulham – have all your property solutions in Fulham and the surrounding areas. They are local and know the area better than anyone as well as being experts in their field. They can guide you towards a property to suit your needs and budget.

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Ditching the Commute.

Reasons to give up commuting and move to London.

  • Gaining several hours a day that are being wasted on travel
  • not having to struggle on crowded trains
  • not having work disrupted by late or cancelled trains
  • having more time with family
  • less travel means less fatigue and a longer leisure time
  • having the culture, dining, leisure and world of opportunities of London on your doorstep
  • not having to live two lives any more

Advantages of a London Home. 

  • good public transport, less driving
  • limitless shops and restaurants
  • beautiful parks and the Thames
  • plenty of culture and historical sites to explore
  • plenty of leisure activities
  • well connected to the whole country and the world

So if you’ve been considering giving up the commute for a better quality of life, imagine no more crowded trains, dream of a better future, and contact Draker Letting Agents in Fulham – and if you want to find out more about what London has to offer and are looking forward to finding out, these two websites may help: and